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Shodan grading

Congratulations to Dmitry and Jamie who achieved their Shodan (Black Belts) today the 13th Dec 2009. They were two of the better candidates on the mat ( unbiased opinion of course!!!) and thoroughly deserve their rank. The panel consisted of Shihan Griffiths 8th Dan, Sensei Townsend 6th Dan, Sensei Plumbridge 5th Dan, Sensei Murphy 5th Dan and Sensei Harte 5th Dan.

Also congrats to Fraser and Gary who unwittingly showed up on the day and were awarded GoKyu (Orange belt) by Shihan Griffiths who was impressed with their techniques and skills on the mat.

The club will be closing on the 21st Dc until the 4th Jan to allow for the Christmas season.

A happy Christmas and brilliant New Year to you all.


Alan Murphy 5th Dan


Yellow belts

Congratulations to Gary, Simon, Fraser, Simon, Ian, David, Mikey and of course Mel who all successfully graded to Yellow belt tonight. I was delighted with everyones enthusiasm, hard work, techniques and the sense of comraderie you all displayed.

Keep at it there is much to learn but you are all well capable of exceeding your teachers.


Summer Holidays

There will be no training on the 27th and 31st August due to the bank holiday ..

Have a good break folks and see you all on the 3rd Sept ..



Please find the link to the Videos of 40 Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques.

Early May Bank Holiday

There will be no club training on Monday 4th May.

Happy Easter to one and all ..

There will be no club training on the Thursday 9th April or the Monday 13th April to allow for the Easter break.

Great news! Mel, Tony and Simon all passed red belt grading this week .. Well done folks.

After 2 months of calf injury I am pleased to be back on the mats and training. Thanks to John Sensei for keeping the club going during this time.

Please find new photos in the Gallery.

Take care


Happy New year to one and all ..

The club has been lucky to have several students go for their grading to Rokyu (Red Belt) on the 12th Jan 2009. Katherine , Ed , Jeri and David all were successful in this their first grading within the club and a well earned congratulautions to each of them. The first steps have been made on your journey.

On the 22 Jan 2009 Dmitriy and Jamie were put to the test and passed with flying colours to achieve their Sankyu grade (Brown Belt) . Both these guys have worked extreemly hard on their techniques and assisted with helping the lower grades to progress over the past year. They are both accomplished and capable brown belt students who both John Sensei and I agree will easily progress further through the gradings in time.

Other news:

John and Alan have been invited to teach a 2 hour seminar on the 22nd of February 2009 at 10:00 at the following venue:


1A The Precinct
High Street
Egham, Surrey
TW20 9HN

All are welcome to attend the techniques will be primarily stand up defences designed for those who have not yet learned to break fall.

I will update you with any costs etc. closer to the date.

A new year that has started extreemly well and looks to be the best one yet for all associated with the club ..

Alan Murphy Sensei

Classes continue with a very pleasing all round improvement for all members of the club.
The year has been a very good year for the club with new members joining, old members returning and the regular core progressing well.
There have been several successful gradings in the year and there will be a Jan grading too …….
so easy on the Xmas grub folks..
John Sensei celebrated his 65th birthday and seems to have beaten the age thing as his techniques vigour and skills on the mat put some of us younger models to shame.
Nigel Sensei achieved his 6th Dan in the year and he continues to grace us with his presence on Mondays as well as running his own Jujitsu club and his judo/ groundwork club at Imber court.
We have had the pleasure of a few visiting instructors this year and I hope to bring others to the club thru 2009.

I wish one and all a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

The Christmas plans for 2008 are as follows…
> Last training session 18th Dec
> First post Xmas class on 5th Jan 2009

Merry Christmas folks

Alan aka Alansmurf / Smurf

Excellent news
Dmitriy and Jamie have graded to blue belt this week exceeding the expectations of John Sensei and Alan Sensei.

The club have purchased some new equipment and the newer members are training with renewed vigour.

Keep on training guys ..


Alan Murphy Sensei 5th Dan