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26th Nov 2011

Posted: November 28, 2011 by alansmurf in grading, jujitsu

John Sensei returned from his travels and set about making up for lost time .


Tonight there was a club grading (those who missed out dont despair there will be opportunities to grade very soon )


A big well done to all who were successful was a pleasure to see you all switch on and display your skills to the level required.


Ian ========== Blue belt

James Harvey ===Go Kyu (orange belt}

Mikey ======== Go Kyu (orange belt}

Chris =========Go Kyu (orange belt}

Milan =========Go Kyu (orange belt}

Marek ========Go Kyu (orange belt}


Martin H.  ======Red Belt

Dan S =========Red Belt


Onwards and upwards folks




3/10 /2011

Posted: October 3, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

I returned gaving been training at a secret location in the local area.

Good cardio warm up followed by a few throws locks and takedowns ..


then into syllabus work .. I was pleased to see Chris and James leading the charge on the Go Kyu syllabus and I stitched Gary up with the red belt one .


Really good session that I enjoyed immensley



26th Sept 2011

Posted: September 26, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

OKAY ..where was everyone tonight …

Poor Gary was feeling very ill and couldn’t train. The class wasn’t the same without him and we pray for his speedy recovery!

…. and some of the others were squeamish about the fate that was awaiting him after abusing the Junior instructor on this very blog !!!

There were 7 of us on the mats and we covered the end of GoKyu syllabus .. rear bear hugs, front bear hugs and chokes ….

Great effort by all … Chris uked admirably … James H was a throwing demon .. Thom was as laid back as ever ..even showed off his new “ink” and the senior student Ian was as usual solid dependable and is a thespian you know …

Dan Sensei , John Sensei and I had an entertaining evening … sorry about the knee strike Dan .. but you did clatter me a few times in our randori ..

See you all on thursday


21St Sept

Posted: September 23, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

Well post up what happened ?



Smurf returns

Posted: August 26, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

Small numbers and everyone was aching and bruised from Mondays session . Some didnt show up !!!


Locks and takedowns to ease me back into the scheme of things . I had a blast . Thanks guys and gals .



14th july

Posted: July 15, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

Work beckons


11 on the mats ..


Throws throws and even more throws ..


by golly I think we are motoring now


New starter …


see you all Monday




Posted: June 13, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

James P 60th training session !!!


Wooot well done …lots more to go !!


Ok 110 mph tonight ..boy was the dojo hot …


throws, uchekomi, strikes atemi and general fun on the mats … a little bit of syllabus at the end ..


The AC was shagged and we were getting hot air in the dojo instead of cool !!!



Everyone worked there bits off good session … gary has a brand new blue belt to hold his trousers up …even if he is not Short !!!