Poor attendance good class

Posted: March 28, 2012 by alansmurf in Uncategorized

Three students and two instructors !!!!


we trained hard looking at atemi transitions to throws …


James , Mikey and Matt did very well  … even threw me around the mat a bit …


Guys and girls see you all Monday



  1. Dan Snelling says:

    Apologies Sensei.

    Been working like a dog this week. Looking forward to training next week.



  2. Dan Snelling says:

    Thats why I left the rat race in the City Gary, didn’t have time to breathe let alone train. Been down to the Kyokushin class by the way. Very good indeed.



    • It’s the governments fault I couldn’t be there. If you want to ensure I don’t mss further sessions visit…


      …and urge your MP to not vote against the legal aid reforms bill amendments which would ensure that professional legal advice isn’t just a privilege enjoyed by the rich and powerful.

      • the_ginger_one... says:

        There is a problem with legal aid Gary… Most of the people who genuinely need it don’t get it, those who are criminals and are guilty of their crimes are wrongly advised by their legal aid solicitor – the corrupt legal aid solicitor will drag a case out longer than it should be to claim more cash from the government even when the case is likely to be lost they will keep it going to full trial. Not only claiming more legal expenses but also wasting the time of the court, CPS, jury, witnesses, victims and Police. Reform is needed but not for who gets legal aid but who gives it if get my meaning!

      • At Shelter we’re only concerned with social law, particularly housing law, which is taking a real shafting by these reforms. In this regard legal aid is there to protect vulnerable people who would otherwise be mistreated and exploited by greedy landlords and incompetent local authorities. With one hand the government forces people on low incomes into the private rented sector by not providing enough social housing and with the other takes away legal aid so that they’re unprotected against unscrupulous landlords. Seriously some of the cases we see at Shelter are really shocking.

        Criminal law is someone else’s concern, I just hope that if they’re guilty you lock the b****** up and throw away the key! No patience for criminals. Bring back capital punishment!

  3. Martin says:

    Hi all,

    I’m missing the trainings too much, however couldn’t lift my tired body to go there because of few reasons – as always either work overload, followed by holidays and followed by work overload again. You still recognise me, right? 🙂

    Hope to see you all soon though.

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