Someone say something!

Posted: March 21, 2012 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Post! Post! Post!

Good class on monday!

Over to someone else, my train is here and there’s no signal until surbiton!

    • Sorry that updates been due a while now, between work and training (jujitsu plus kendo) I’ve not had time to scratch my arse. I’ll make a note for Sunday, remind me tonight!

  1. Dan Snelling says:

    Monday was a excellent class and felt I learnt some good pointers plus some more ne-waza submission from John Sensei, note my nose is still black on one side, Partner thinks I am mad!

    Especially enjoyed the Ne-Waza and would be good to get more in along with standing randori. On a side note, Interestliy just seen a piece on Bartjitsu on the 1 show, good to look up if your interested in the history of English Ju-Jitsu as its been here since the 1800’s!! longer than modern Karate and Aikido have been in existance.

    Working tonight so will be at class on Monday, also at the Kyokushin class on Sunday so see what I can add to my Ju-jitsu base.


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