Monday 27th

Posted: February 28, 2012 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Great class last night and some new faces thrown into the mix, both Senseis seemed pleased!

On a side note, anyone familiar with this place?

Just this morning realised its round the corner from where I work, might have to check it out.

  1. the ginger one... says:

    Good training venue, lots of classes and generally good competition based instructors… But there is a problem.

    £85 a month or £15 a lesson. Great if you have money to burn and time to go all the classes! It’s very much based around the BJJ sport though and the naughtiness has been taken out.

  2. Dan Snelling says:

    Shame I missed it (was moving home) as sounds like it was a good class!!

    Gary thought you were looking for a striking art to compiment your Ju-jitsu i.e Muay Thai/Savate ect. which I think would be more beneficial self defense wise IMHO as most of the BJJ stuff is covered in Judo (minus leglocks ect), I personally would just sign up for a good Judo class if you want to improve on your Ne-waza (cheaper and widely available) but think you would enjoy a striking art as well.



    • I wasn’t looking for a BJJ club I just happened to notice that Gracie academy was about 20 mins walk from work, almost too convenient to ignore plus they train everyday so could have just gone after work. Probably won’t bother at those prices!!

      If I could sensibly fit another form into my schedule I would like to improve my rubbish strikes but it’s hard finding the time. The karate Sensei on Wednesday nights seems like a nice guy, we were chatting last week and they have a nice philosophy to training. I might sneak down there before Wednesdays training! Though that might leave me as fodder for you brutes…!

  3. alansmurf says:

    MMMMMM … going abroad !!!!

  4. Dan Snelling says:

    Ha guess I won’t be the only one who keeps yelling Osu! through training then.



    • You should hear what they yell during practice at that kendo club I went to last week, it was crazy, they were literally screaming at each other! One guy squawked like a chicken!

      • Would anyone be interested in giving that karate class a go with me? That way if they’re mean to us we can team up on them and do nasty jujitsu stuff to them.

  5. alansmurf says:

    You be careful playing with real martial artisit s

  6. Staines says:

    I can come with you to that karate class 🙂

  7. Dan Snelling says:

    What time does it start Gary? I’m game for a bit of kyokushinkai Karate. Did they tell you how much it costs?



    • Cool, the answer to both is no idea! They seem to finish at half 8 on Wednesday so I guess they start 7/7:30. I’ll ask on Wednesday so maybe we can go the week after.

      Could get the whole club to go as a warm up!

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