Wed 18th Jan

Posted: January 19, 2012 by alansmurf in Uncategorized

What happened .who was there ?



  1. Martin says:

    I’m reporting the attendees: Sensei John, Me, other Martin, James P, other James, Marek, Dan, Gary and Chris.

    We had a very challenging session which started with 30 mins of cardio followed by a ground-work randoori.
    Once I was totally exhausted, we’ve covered the bouncing-jumping-three-step-leg-sweeps followed by some very light however very effective hip-thows.
    We went through few leg-sweep techniques with the promise of follow ups in the future, so when everyone cheered, Sensei has ordered us to perform some standing randoori, which I particularly very enjoyed as it gives you the exact feel of the opponents movements, when he knows what he can expect 🙂 the best advise is to put him on the ground even before he realises who he faces.

    a good session again, looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 🙂

    PS: I have a bit of pain everywhere.. do you feel the same way? 🙂

  2. Dan Snelling says:

    Was a good session, learned some very effective tips on my ne waza and throws from Sensei John and enjoyed the ne waza and randori (sp?), Keen to get more randori in as can only benefit my training.

    Good spirit shown by all throughout in the sparring and good to see what I could apply and what I need to work on.

    Working Monday but looking forward to Wednesday.



  3. the ginger one... says:

    That’s the right way to spell randori Dan.

    I should be down tonight for my ‘week on’ of training.

    • Sorry thought I had posted something covering both Monday and Wednesday, stupid app. Ditto everyone’s comments, it was quite intense but my knee survived Wednesday. Starting running again on the weekend and my knees hurting again, not good.

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