Last week before Xmas

Posted: December 22, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

What better way to close off the year than with some ground work? I think nearly all of Monday was dedicated to fighting on the floor, including chokes and some randori. A bit more on Wednesday although we did start off with some uchi komi (how hard is it to do harai goshi half way?!) Poor Sensei Alan had to watch from the sidelines as he nursed his injured ribs, although I think I saw him get up to attempt a throw at one point…

A quick year in review

I’d say it’s been a good year overall. We’ve gained a few more regulars (Martin and dan to mention two) and lost none. No serious injuries and I think we all ended the year with a different coloured belt to what we started with. Thanks to all for making such a great class to train with, I’m looking forward to another progressive year!

And of course a special shout out to the Senseis, John, Alan and Dan (who as we all know achieved his dan grade this year!) They give up their personal time to train us, that’s time spent away from their families and over the year it all adds up (to precisely eight full days). So I’m confident I speak on behalf of the entire club in giving my most sincere thanks for their time and patience.

Have a great Christmas everyone and a fantastic new year!

  1. alansmurf says:

    Gary you beat me to it ..

    Firstly Happy Christmas one and all …secondly 2012 is going to be a great year for us as a club , we have laid the foundations for some good development using the green belt ( Yon kyu) syllabus a s a guide . Like Gary i am delighted with everyones progress thuis year and yes I had to watch in envy at some good uchikomi last night ..

    4 th JAN 2012

    The year has led to a rainbow of belts including Dan Sensei eventually earning his Dan Grade after …many many many years of training .. I am really pleased for him and his demonsration on the day was excellent.

    Every single belt has been earned thru hard work , sweat, blood and determination and I salute you all for your continued perseverence in your jujitsu road .

    Have a great time over Christmas and see you in the New Year


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