9th NOV

Posted: November 10, 2011 by alansmurf in Uncategorized

First Wed night session


8 on the mats and there was lots of room .


Strike circuit to start and no one complained it was too hard !!


Varied grab escapes take downs and throws followed.


Syllabus work for the final bit and a warm down with a full blooded reaction circle .


Nice progression by everyone especially Natasha who refuses to give up and makes people reassess their technique…. especially James !!!!


See you all monday have a good week end



  1. James Pipe says:

    Natasha said she really enjoyed the session. I’m still working on getting a couple of mats in my Xmas stocking this year… I’m wearing her down slowly!

    I really enjoyed Wednesday night’s session too. I found that I had what we did on Monday night was still very fresh, so I could build on it. I had often found that by the time we got to Thursday, most of what we did before had gone out of my head. I haven’t done a reaction circle in ages, and that was good too as the techniques were coming much easier than last time I remember doing it. Natasha asked if we can do more of them (with an evil glint in her eye!).

    Work calls, and I am away all next week, but I’ll be back the week after.


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