Monday 7th Nov

Posted: November 7, 2011 by alansmurf in Uncategorized

Well populated class, some interesting warm up comments …too tough !!!!


fecked my shoulder up tonight …pain means I am alive


Syllabus work is coming on nicely



i need to arrange a night out at the Japanese restaurant …all in favour say AYE !!  or HAI !!!


Arms hurt as do my shoulders …about time I srtarted traing properly !!



  1. Martin says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the warm up yesterday, nice and useful 🙂

    oh yes please – 日本の夕食 will be great night out!

  2. Mel says:

    Good session, despite the warm up!

    New syllabus is looking good. I’ll admit to feeling sick watching the rolling move Chris et al were practicing but having read the goodbye to Meahurst confessional … bring it on!?

    Oh yes please too to the japanese restaurant.

    • Yep count me in, providing its not on 13th or 15th Dec, those dates be no good.

      Sushi Nara was good last time, don’t mind trying somewhere else though if we’re feeling adventurous?

  3. the ginger one... says:


    Could with going to one slightly more ‘north’ though 😛

  4. Harry Smith says:

    Hai! Count me in!! Missing training, working like the dog I am!!!
    Hopefully see you all Wednesday!

  5. Count me in i missed the last one , and i love jap. Food yum yum yum

  6. James Pipe says:

    HAI! Count me in… I’ll stick with the chicken like last time. Fish are friends… not food!
    I’m sure the Mrs will be up for it too, work depending… She loves sushi.

    See you all later… James

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