So long and farewell Meadhurst!

Posted: November 4, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Last night was the last ever class to be held at Meadhurst. Strangely enough it was also probably the busiest, which is further endorsement of our moving to the bigger Spelthorne venue.

Hip throws we’re the order of the night and we covered uki goshi, hari goshi and o goshi.

I’ve got some fond memories of Meadhurst, anyone care to share their favourite? I’ll start it off – when i first started training I was terrified of being thrown (hard to believe?) After thoroughly annoying a number of toris who were trying to practice o goshi on the most uncooperative uki in the world, Sensei Alan came over and taught me the art of break falling. I’ve been bouncing ever since. Seriously I was awful, anyone seen that episode of Mr Bean where he tries his hand at Judo? Pretty much exactly the same as that.

  1. I remember it very well gazza i remember i used to try not train with you because i did a heven and earth grow on you and i ended up with a very painful bruise lol but i must say though that now there isn’t anyone id rather train with just goes to show if you train hard and stick at it you can learn alot it is funny thinking you now higher then most of us like a complete u-turn.

    Mikey aka meat eater

  2. alansmurf says:

    Gary , I threw you ? When ?

    So after about 6 years of training at the Meadhurst we have moved on ..

    judging by the state of the hall last night it is good timing . The dripping air conditioning the slipping mats , the limited space …I will miss it all ..

    Lasting memories …using the toilet downstairs when you guys were in the middle of doing throws … the resounding echoes of bodies bouncing off the mats ..

    It was a great turn out last night and I hope the new wed night slot is as well attended..


    • You came over to the debacle that was going on at our end of the mats and said you were going to throw me and if I chose to breakfall I’d be fine and if I didn’t then I’d probably get the wind knocked out of me. I opted to have a go at this break falling business and was pleasantly surprised. That was a big moment for me because normally when faced with that sort of situation I’d think to myself “hmmm bollocks to that I’m off!” still here best part of four years later!

      • When i started it was my second lesson and sensei alan told me yeah you can break fall and i didn’t have a clue. And he had us doing o goshi but luckily it just came natural if anything my breakfalls where better then then they are now lol

  3. alansmurf says:

    Mikey ….. hold the Tori’s Gi …it helps your breakfall… me

    Gary you are an excellent uke …and not too bad at Ne waza too


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