3/10 /2011

Posted: October 3, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

I returned gaving been training at a secret location in the local area.

Good cardio warm up followed by a few throws locks and takedowns ..


then into syllabus work .. I was pleased to see Chris and James leading the charge on the Go Kyu syllabus and I stitched Gary up with the red belt one .


Really good session that I enjoyed immensley



  1. the ginger one... says:

    The lergy reappeared and prevented my training. Three bloody weeks this has been hanging around now, it’s been lingering longer than a vegans fart.

    Perhaps next week…

  2. the ginger one... says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever eaten corpse for lunch, eating an entire animal (bones organs and all) would probably disagree with me but I’ll give it a try Gary and make sure you’re around for the resulting arse eruption.

    As for vegan farts they’re very much like vegans – slightly offensive, smell of tofu and get up your nose for a long time

  3. alansmurf says:

    You two stop bickering …

    We love everyone at the dojo meat eaters, fish eaters, egg eaters and yes even those who eat the poor defenceless vegeatables of this world …that have been plucked from their happy childhood innocently growing in earths nurturing soil and brutally decapitated, chopped, diced, boiled , mashed, roasted or even at times placed in confined spaces and nuked in the microwave.

    The levels of vegeatable cruelty I have unearthed in researching this thread have really affected me …I am hungry now !!!

    Back to main topic :

    Training was good I can see some excellent progression and want to build on this on thursday . See you all there .


  4. Harry Smith says:

    Diet arguments aside, very good technical slyllabus session to break me back into it. Also enjoyed the striking circuit very much as always.

    See you all next time!


  5. Harry Smith says:

    Glad you have finally admitted victory Gary. Dan it’s time to realise the errors of your ways.

  6. the ginger one... says:

    Our eyes face front to judge the distance to our prey and there are canine teeth for biting into said prey. Our evolutionary predecessors eat meat in the wild. We are designed to eat meat, I’m not going to argue with nature! But Garys choice is Garys choice and I like ribbing him for it… I think the next time we get together for somesort of food we should go to The Porterhouse in London 🙂

    • There’s loads of real carnivores that dont look straight ahead, like sharks, snakes, birds of prey and various insects. Likewise there’s some herbivores that do look straight ahead, like sloths. Also we don’t have proper canines, real canines like the ones lions have are there to kill. We couldn’t kill anything with the little pointy teeth you call canines. We are not physically equipped to hunt and eat meat. If you ran into a field naked you’d be lucky to catch a bird and wring it’s neck. We are therefore not carnivores! Plus red meat is the third biggest cause of cancer in the uk, again proving we shouldn’t eat it.

      • I think you’ll find that white meat you can’t eat raw and red meat you can and in some cultures is a delicacy and also pretty much anything gives you cancer these days. I heard they said breast feeding babies can cause breast cancer now where before it helped lol

      • Eating a placenta is a delicacy in some places, whats your point? It’s common sense, some things you just don’t eat. Meat should be one of them and raw meat definitely.

  7. Not really common sense because just like everything anyone eats meat has its values and good points. What it all boils down to is its your choice to eat meat or not so you shouldn’t try and discourage others from doing so and let them make there own choices.

    • Yeah someone who is totally in the wrong would say something like that.

      I know I’m right so I’ll keep preaching and keep trying to save you guys from the perils of a health destroying, conscience crushing way of life. I’m like a tofu eating Jesus.

      • the ginger one... says:

        Too much soya is bad, it contains the plant form of oestrogen. In women it can help the menopause but carries an increased of cancer. It inhibits growth in children and can heavily inhibit sperm production in men. The human body is designed to have a balanced diet of meat and plant stuffs, too much of one thing is bad for you. The flip side is taking one of the elements of a balanced diet out will also be bad for you.

  8. Martin says:

    Oh I didn’t know veg can be such an exhaustive topic for discussion :-DDD

  9. the ginger one... says:


    I like the author of this site, good attitude towards life and some interesting info about the crap we ALL eat

  10. Harry Smith says:

    This has turned into a full blown debate!

    • Firstly can’t say that soya in any way adversely affects fertility in men, the Chinese eat tons of soya and there’s over a billion of them! Secondly we’ve not adapted to process red meat, hence it being the third biggest cause of cancer in the UK. Apparently the coroner removed something like 25lbs of rotting unprocessed meat from John Waynes intestine after he died! My dads oncologist told him to stop eating red meat entirely and said he would benefit from a vegetarian diet, and he is one of the worlds leading researchers into bowel cancer.

  11. alansmurf says:

    Time to train and stop lecturing …see you all Monday


  12. ‘It is true that red meat contains valuable nutrients and this is why we do not recommend avoiding it altogether But to suggest, as the authors of this review have done, that there is “no evidence” that a moderate intake of lean red meat has any negative health effects is wrong. ean red meat has any negative health effects is wrong


    • Thanks Mikey, a prime example of how the corrupt and inept meat industry is funding bullshit research to try and convince us to eat their dirty produce. Good thing there is independent studies by the likes of cancer research uk to refute it!

      • Herbivores 1 – Omnivores 0

      • the ginger one... says:

        Soya is bad in high quantities, Red Meat is bad in high quantities. Your argument about the Chinese is flawed, they use eggs, real milk, seafood and proper meat in their diets. The idiotic westerners who want to go against the natural order of having a balanced diet and consume soya based products in high quantities with soya milk, tofu, soya based meat replacement etc etc etc will suffer the ill effect at some point. The same as the person who eats red meat with every meal will suffer. The point about the meat industry propaganda may be valid but are vegans not falling into the same trap of the multi billion pound international soya industries propaganda saying that it is the wonder food of the ages? Balanced diet, all food groups in moderation – red meat included

      • Hmm nah. The Chinese have eaten soya for thousands of years and with much of the population living in severe poverty they eat considerably more soya than meat or dairy because it’s cheap and easy to produce. And they’ve turned out alright! The Japs too, lots of soya, almost no dairy at all, longest life expectancy in the world. Admittedly they eat a lot of fish too…

        You’re right in that too much of anything is harmful, but comparing the dangers of too much soya with that of too much red meat is not a like for like comparison. Nor is comparing the side effects of their production. Meat farming is grossly inefficient. It takes much more land and water to produce a gram of protein from a cow than it does from soya. The carbon emissions from farming is horrendous and adds more CO2 to the environment than all the worlds cars combined. I could go on and on but I’ve got a quorn burger in the oven. Cya!

      • So you dont eat meat but you eat something that is basically made to be fake meat?

      • ‘Made to be fake meat’?! Are you serious?! Some meat substitutes are made of soy but people were eating tofu thousands of years before anyone ever ate a hamburger or thought of meat as being essential to survival. Tofu is ancient and is more than just fake meat!!

  13. That can be true but im sure it wasn’t made to look like a burger then though?

  14. the ginger one... says:

    Tofu is ancient? More ancient than apes ripping apart small monkeys? Didn’t realise that pre-Neanderthal primates were able to process soya into bean curd, damn our ancestors were advanced…

    • Ok the idea of packs of monkeys hunting other animals for dinner is total bullshit. Monkeys will kill other monkeys who intrude on their territory and they have been known to eat it’s flesh but that is just opportunism. Similarly they will kill very small rodents and birds if hungry and the opportunity presents itself. That doesn’t make them carnivores or even omnivores. Unless you’re a Jain monk who wears a mask everyone consumes small insects just by breathing, me included, and I’m by our own definition a vegetarian. We do not descend from meat eaters.

      And Tofu is indeed ancient. Records show it was being produced in the form we know and love as far back as 164 BC. It’s very easy to make, I’ve made it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s production was even older than that.

  15. the ginger one... says:

    Suggest you look up a video shown on the Beeb in the 90’s about chimps hunting small monkeys to eat, was narrated by Attenborough.

    • Beeb also made that documentary about how lemmings are suicidal, then admitted they chased the poor buggers off the cliff to add some drama. Besides, I remember watching that and from what I remember the monkey they killed had strayed into their territory, they didn’t go hunting for it. Couldn’t find anything on YouTube which suggested I’m remembering that incorrectly.

      This debate is going nowhere. Whether we descended from meat eaters or not, my opinion is that the meat industry is in the same league as chemical weapons, religion and jedward. All immoral/stupid things we as intelligent beings should never have pursued. It’s unjustified, it’s immoral and unnecessary. I wouldn’t eat a hamburger any sooner than I would rob my neighbours house because he’s got a new kickass 3D TV. It would be cool to play MW3 in 3D but I’m not prepared to surrender my morals for the pleasure. That is my opinion and I know I’m 100% right. I’ll do my utmost to convince you guys because I care for the wellbeing of your consciences and I want to liberate you from this layer of the illuminati produced onion of deception and manipulation. David Attenborough probably works for them and that documentary was probably funded by McDonalds. Don’t believe everything you see on TV or read in newspaper. They’re all instruments of control and are geared towards your submission. Why do my taxes subsidise British beef farmers? Worse yet why do my taxes subsidise French farmers?! No other industry in the world receives government support like the meat industry, those blood-stained b@stards. How can they put one hand out asking for money because they’re lousy businessmen who cant turn a profit whilst the other hand is still red with blood of some poor cow that bled to death upside down in an abattoir, fully conscious because the inbred who should have seen that it was correctly stunned couldn’t be bothered. The whole thing stinks and if there really is a new world order then at least one of them is a sodding farmer.

      You’re all very welcome.

  16. the ginger one... says:

    Was laughing a little until I got to the word illuminati and then got very concerned… Dude you need help – seriously

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