26th Sept 2011

Posted: September 26, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

OKAY ..where was everyone tonight …

Poor Gary was feeling very ill and couldn’t train. The class wasn’t the same without him and we pray for his speedy recovery!

…. and some of the others were squeamish about the fate that was awaiting him after abusing the Junior instructor on this very blog !!!

There were 7 of us on the mats and we covered the end of GoKyu syllabus .. rear bear hugs, front bear hugs and chokes ….

Great effort by all … Chris uked admirably … James H was a throwing demon .. Thom was as laid back as ever ..even showed off his new “ink” and the senior student Ian was as usual solid dependable and is a thespian you know …

Dan Sensei , John Sensei and I had an entertaining evening … sorry about the knee strike Dan .. but you did clatter me a few times in our randori ..

See you all on thursday


  1. James Pipe says:

    Just spent ages typing then lost internet connection and everthing I typed!!! Damn this hotel WiFi rubbish.

    In essense – Stuck in Italy conducting system training. Missing training, back Monday with camera, so hopefully we can cover the syllabus again and get it finished???

    Need to train! Glad you lot are having fun without me.


  2. the ginger one... says:

    Good session with input from all the Sensei’s present and bit of one on one between two of them which resulted in dead arms, exclamations of pain and grins.

    Only problemsaws the serious level of unfitness on my part, so I decided to go for a run last night. A couple of miles in just under 20 min, a nice leisurely pace I hear you say… So why I have woken this morning with a red raw throat?!? Am I that unfit or allergic to running? Either way I HATE sore throats :-X

  3. alansmurf says:

    Gary …you changed my post …thats cheating !!!

    John Sensei asked me to remind you that the site needs updating as he is a 6th Dan !!!

    Are you feeling better ?


  4. Harry Smith says:

    I’m jealous of what sounds like a great session! My little boy unwell so had to be a night nurse, will hopefully be with you guys Thursday.

    All the best

  5. mikey says:

    Get the red carpets out i am returning to training tomorrow. Hope you havnt missed me and everyone takes it easy on me im so un fit. Thats saying you even remember me lol

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