11th july

Posted: July 11, 2011 by alansmurf in Uncategorized

Ok .

17 on the mats …

Hot and humid but some good reviion of red belt syllabus and various atemi and standing locks ..

Big congrats to Marek and Harry who both graded to red belt tonight …excellent uke goshi from marek ..and Harry’s Seoi nage was the business.. even though tai toshi was on the menu.

nice to see Dan on the mats and in a dark mood too ..

Natasha welcome back after a long break and your 45 degrees is fine by all of us ..

See you all Thursday


  1. mel says:

    Congratulations Marek and Harry, no pressure, grading with an audience!


  2. the ginger one... says:

    Good effort from Marek and Harry. The pressure of doing the throws in front of everyone at your level is worth a grade alone but to pull off some quality throws too… Top stuff guys.

    Yep, I was in a ‘dark mood’ – lots of stress and no training makes Dan a dull boy. Still need to blow off some steam 😀

    • Grats guys, both did very well and with an audience. Harry that shoulder throw was quite exciting, especially having braced myself for tai otoshi! And Marek, that uki goshi was quite something, wish we had it on camera so we could play back in slow motion!

  3. Harry Smith says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone, it’s great to be ‘ off the white’ ! I was caught totally by surprise with the grading but I really enjoyed it.
    Gary, apologies for the unexpected seoi nage, I find that throw comes naturally for some reason? Must be my sadistic nature 😉
    I know some of my throws were rough around the edges but I look forward to perfecting these. Especially the tai toshi.

    Thanks for a great night everyone!!
    Thank you sensei’s

  4. Harry Smith says:

    Oh and by the way Dan, I like your dark techniques, hope to see more in the future!

  5. James Pipe says:

    Well done chaps! Congratulations on moving up a level. You’ve both worked really hard and deserve it. I would have taken pictures, but I think you had enough pressure already!

    Harry – I think you enjoyed seeing Dan demonstrate on me the finer points of how to make Nikkyo more painful eh? There’s still lots more to learn on that one 😉

    See you Thursday.


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