Independence Day

Posted: July 4, 2011 by James Pipe in Uncategorized

Thought I’d be the first to post, seeing as once again I’m stuck in a hotel room with nowt but my laptop and oodles of emails that I should be attending to, whilst you lot are happily sweating away, having fun and seeing how many different ways you can make arms and legs bend the wrong way. Need to train!!!

Hope tonight was a good one… Don’t go having too much fun without me. See you all Monday.


  1. alansmurf says:

    The last 6 months of training came to fruition last night with some excellent throws being shown at all levels .

    Well done one and all


    • Last night was a great class, despite the heat! I really liked introducing o goshi into the pressure circle, maybe sneak an o soto gari in there next time?!

      • mel says:

        Great session and good to see the return of circle time.

        A novel warm up with no punches in sight, just a selection of gentle hip throws, from fumi versions of ogoshi, to slow hip wheels and a cunning double bluff takedown. Feel free to pitch in with the real throw names …

      • Fumi kumi goshi and koshi garuma, now if someone can just correct my spelling we’ll have a halfway intelligent discussion going on!

  2. Harry 'new boy' Smith says:

    Really enjoyed the session last night, great to focus o goshi, I’m finally starting to get the throwing technique! Loved the reaction circle at the end, really gets you thinking on your feet.

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