Thursday 23rd June

Posted: June 24, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Ah James, you’re missing out on some good classes! Yesterday we continued on from a point Sensei John raised last week about reactions. We practiced a number of throws off a grab, including o goshi, harai goshi, o soto gari and kumi nagi, with an emphasis on reacting quickly to the grab. There was lots to take in but the five of us training worked hard and had a good time.

  1. James Pipe says:

    Oh Gary, don’t torture me. At least I’m now at the airport and waiting for the flight home!

    I’m there Monday and Thursday next week, but then I’m in Spain all the following week. I should have a few weeks back in the country after that. Can’t wait to get back to training… I might be flying, but this type of flying doesn’t require breakfalling!

    See you all Monday!


  2. alansmurf says:

    Mondays class will require breakfalls

    thats a promise


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