Grats to Dan the Dan Grade!

Posted: June 5, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Too exhausted to say anything clever other than Dan went through hell and back to earn his grade. Bloody well deserved.

  1. the ginger one... says:

    Someone has forgotten to mention that he is now a Blue Belt… A fantastic performance from Gary.

    I’ll see you all tomorrow, I can just about ty

  2. alansmurf says:

    I can only say i have huge respect for Dan Sensei and Gary..

    The grading was started byNigel Sensei doing a light 30 minute cardio and stretch routine that brought tears to my eyes just watching ….

    Then one of the evil msenior grades took them through their techniques, throws, Chokes, Atemi, groundwork , randori , sparring and weapons work …..

    it is rumoured at least one student threw up …..

    All passed in what I would only describe as the best grading over the past few years …

    Gary held his own with the senior grades and was justifiably given (earned) his Blue belt …

    Really proud of the efforts and skills of our students



  3. the ginger one... says:

    Rumours pah! ’twas me having a slight case of chunder… If hadn’t of gotten rid of it then I doubt very much if I would have been able to carry on.

  4. James Pipe says:

    Congratulations Dan! Well done… it sounds like it was a struggle, but well worth it! Beers are on you on Monday then?!

    Well done to Gary too. Second round is on you??

    See you all tomorrow!


  5. Harry 'new boy' Smith says:

    Big congratulations to both of you on what sounds like a hard earned grade! I look forwards to my first one now!!

    See you tomorrow


  6. the ginger one... says:

    I’ve woken up to discover that the only thing properly hurtsis my left thigh. Funnily enough it wasn’t the 5th Dan I sparred with nor the 2nd Dan I had to cope with for randori… It was a newly crowned Blue Belt with a cracking roundhouse kick.

    If you apologise Gary I’ll kick your arse!

    • I make no apologies, Sensei Nigel said if I didn’t hit you he was going to take my place. I was doing you a favour!

      My legs hurting for some unknown reason but other than that I’m not too bad.

  7. Martin says:

    Congratulations to both, well done… I’m proud to train with such a progressive guys…

  8. Barry says:

    Well done to Dan and Gary it was a hard grading and you both did well.
    Rick threw up a few times afterwards as well, 5 in total I think!
    Its the sign of a good grading!


  9. Mel says:

    Well done Dan and Gary!

    Sounded like a tough grading. Excellent photos, don’t think I’ve seen that many feet off the ground at one session,


  10. Rick says:

    Well done Dan and Gary, It was a tough one! My back is not too bad today just a bit sore. hope you both are ok and not too sore. Sensei Barry was right I threw up after the grading so I joined the vomit club. Good to grade with you both and hope to train again with you one day.


    • the ginger one... says:

      Welcome to the blog Rick Sensei!

      Good to hear that the back is holding up. I went into the grading with a lower back problem and came out with it gone… Dont know how but I must have cracked it out at some point! My hamstrings however are STILL sore, I blame Nigel Sensei personally 😀

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