26th May

Posted: May 27, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Me first me first!

I’d like to get more people using this blog and so in a bid to capture your attention I’m going to get controversial on here. No more pleasantries and back-patting. This blog just became uncensored!

Despite the above statement I’ll start off by saying that yesterday was a good solid class. And that’s the truth, there was a marked improvement by all since the sorry display last Thursday. So what did we do differently? Here’s my theory, too much fn mind! The only difference was Sensei John wasn’t watching. We had the same people being thrown, the same instruction, the same method of practice etc. The only difference was the amount of eyes watching. But why would that matter? I’ll tell you because I’m really bloody clever and I’ve worked this out. Pride. It’s a sin in the bible and it’s a handicap on the matts. We’re too afraid of screwing up in front of the senior grades, increasingly so the higher the grade. Maybe because we don’t want to let them down, given how much time they willingly offer up for us each week? Or maybe we each just want to be the one who pulls off the nicest throw? In either case it all stems from pride and fear of failure.

I for one and hereby denouncing all pride in myself and I’m making friends with failure. I don’t care if I screw up a hundred times on the matts I’ll just keep chipping away at it until it’s right. And when I do feck up in front if everyone I hope it gives you all a good laugh.

But if I’m saying that I’m not going to worry about failing in order to improve my chances of succeeding…OK I don’t want to fail but I’m not going to care if I do…But if I don’t care then I’d be indifferent to succeeding….

Feck it, keep up the good work everyone!

  1. alansmurf says:

    Nice post …

    you on the bank holiday spirits already ?

    You all need to relax and enjoy the training more …

    I am proud of all your efforts and the improvement in each student is my reward for the hours of training and instruction


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