April 19th

Posted: April 19, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Very well, I’ll be the first to post on last night. Last night was the second closest ive ever been to throwing up from exhaustion, the first being when I did actually throw up. Serves me right for picking a fight with Ian, who fighting on the floor with can only be likened to trying to pin down a small sized rhino. To be fair everyone seemed to be on the game last night and put up a good fight.

Good class, remember no training on Monday’s over the bank holidays.

  1. James Pipe says:

    Yeah, similar experience… Ian is excellent at showing you how to do something during practise and then how you should have done it during randori!

    My apologies to everyone for suggesting to John Sensei that we cover chokes again… I’ve got some good marks once again from that mistake!

    So Gary, what is it like going as green as your belt then??

    • Ian says:

      Fun Fun Fun… Great session really had a good night and ach a little today. Well done Gary as I didn’t get you to tap out. I like covering chokes and sensei sure had me seeing stars. THAT’S how I want to master chokes.

  2. alansmurf says:

    Ok you have all made the point it was a good class ….even though i missed it !!!


  3. Harry 'new boy' smith says:

    Hi guys, had great fun doing throws and chokes for first time. Got some interesting marks on my neck which are interesting to explain. Is it wrong to feel addicted to this?!!!! Look forward to next session

    • It is indeed wrong, welcome to our clan of wrong’uns! You did bloody well on Monday, you’d really benefit from coming on Thursday’s too if you can, it’s often a very different type of class.

      Who’s coming tonight? My groin hurts but I’ll be there!

  4. alansmurf says:

    Too much info Gary !!!!

    Working on being there …


  5. Harry 'new boy' smith says:

    I’ll try my best to be there, I know meadhurst. Is it obvious where the room is?

  6. James Pipe says:

    Count me in tonight…

    Harry, its through the barrier, upstairs, turn right, turn right again. I’m sure reception willl point you in the right direction. Look forward to seeing you there.


  7. Harry 'new boy' smith says:

    Thanks for the session last nite guys, good fun doing the throws and groundwork again. I’m sure those mats are no as kind as the ones at Staines!

  8. alansmurf says:

    The mats or the Tori??

    Glad you are enjoying the training


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