Monday Something March

Posted: March 7, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Good traditional jujitsu tonight, lots of subtle, unexpected strikes and joint locks that come out of nowhere.

High attendance, probably a good…15 students plus the four senseis, it felt very cosy on this cold march evening. Everyone was sporting a big cheeky grin at the end, a good sign!

  1. alansmurf says:

    Biggest grin was on my face ..

    everyone gave it great effort tonight ..thank you

    especially to Gary the Uke


  2. James Pipe says:

    Natasha says it is good to be back after two weeks of work getting in the way. She has a couple of good bruises thanks to Pennie and Peter.

    Thanks to Gary and Jamie for helping me bring my Harai Goshi up to scratch. That one’s coming along nicely.

    Training went fast tonight, which is always a good sign. Bring on Thursday!


  3. alansmurf says:

    Grinning still !!!!

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