The Valentines Day Massacre

Posted: February 14, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Perhaps a slight exaggeration but still a pretty full on session with a good turnout. We continued the theme of things you can do when someone swings for you. Those things include o goshi, o soto gari and some nasty arm locks. Sensei Alan left the dojo in good spirits having pulled off one of his nicest throws, a ‘five point’ harai goshi which I had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of. Good class!

  1. alansmurf says:

    You forgot to mention harai goshi …..

    And you got to throw this old sensei around the mats at the start of the class ….

    Good effort by one and all …

    I can see massive improvement in everyones throws ..

    Keep at it


  2. James Pipe says:

    Gary, my Mrs wanted me to thank you on here for your guidance on Monday. She learnt some good stuff… I should know. I worked with her just after you and I still have the bruises to prove it!

    See you Thursday


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