Better late than never…

Posted: February 12, 2011 by James Pipe in jujitsu

So, update from Thursday’s training seeing as Gary (uke number 1) was suffering from India’s revenge and was unable to attend! Hope you are feeling better by now?! No Ian (the real uke) still either, so it was more uke practise for James snr (the genuine uke) with a little help from me (trainee uke).

It all started with a promise of ground work…. It would have been a small class had it not been for some new starters that popped their head around the door to see what all the fuss was about. We had Mel, Milan, James Snr and myself in attendance with Sensei John in the driving seat. Joining us on the mats for the first time was Marick (spelling!), Penny and Manfred who decided to come along and have a go. It was nice to see some new faces and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

We started off with some warm ups and a little mat cleaning (aka pulling yourself along the mats on your front and then turning around and practising ground defenses on the way back) before covering the basics of breakfalling for the new guys. Then onto practising how to move your opponent by using their momentum from a push and how to wind up their arm into a nice shoulder lock. Moving on from this, we stepped up the pace and practised waki gatame and hara gatame from a lapel grab.

Once we had satisfied this, we introduced the new guys to what o soto gari looks like, and feels like (albeit quite gently!). After Sensei John’s examples, we were helping the new guys understand what these moves were all about, which proved to be a very effective way of learning ourselves – trying to break each move down and explain it to someone who hasn’t done it before is a really good way of analysing what you are doing – both right and wrong!

We finished the session with a some chokes and holds – namely okuri-eri-jime (I had to ask Sensei to write that one down as it wouldn’t stay in my head!) starting standing up, but also trying it out on the floor in various ways. I have to say, it was quite effective and I was still seeing stars for several seconds afterwards.

So, groundwork we were promised, and groundwork we got, but not before going back to cover some of the basics which proved to be quite refreshing and a good teaching/learning experience.

Good session! See you all soon.



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