Posted: February 11, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Turtles live way longer than rats. By the time the teenage mutant ninja turtles were teenagers (in turtle years), Splinter would have been long dead. FLAWED! I’ll never be able to enjoy that show again now that I realise this!

  1. the ginger one... says:

    Ffs they were mutants effected by the ‘green ooze’ so this argument is flawed… EVERYONE knows about the ooze!

    • Yeah but wasn’t being able to talk and walk upright enough
      of a mutation? Did they have to get Progeria too? Thats just too
      far fetched. Besides, domestic rats only live a few years. Even if
      living in a sewer didn’t decrease his life span, how could splinter
      have trained the turtles to be that good at ninjutsu in under two

  2. James Pipe says:

    You are missing the point! Splinter learnt ninjitsu from watching his owner practise from his cage… long before he was exposed to the ooze. Now if he had been exposed to the ooze, then given a long lifespan an extended mental capacity and the ability to stand upright because of the ooze before learning ninjitsu it might have been plausible. And anyway, weren’t the turtle like 15??? They weren’t two… learning ninjitu in two years would just be silly.

    • While it is plausible that they’d all be given longer life spans with their mutations, given the positive correlation between larger, more efficient circulatory systems and life expectancy, it still doesn’t explain things. Assume splinter mutated at an old age by rat standards, that’s only two years of studying ninjutsu. How did he learn enough to train the turtles in such a short period of time (whilst bring stuck in a cage with nobody to train with)? AND, if his life was extended by the ooze, so wad the turtles. Let’s say it doubled, that would mean they’d live till about 200. Splinters new life span would be about 4 years. It would therefore take the turtles 37.5 human years to reach 15, in turtle years (15x(200/80)). Splinter would still be long dead by this point, unless you’re suggesting the ooze changed their life spans disproportionally, which would be just silly

  3. alansmurf says:

    Its only a cartoon ……………………

    Bubble burst ……………………………

    back to reality

    See you all later


    • the ginger one... says:

      Cartoon? Pah… I used to have the original graphic novel, ’twas a bit more violent than the kiddies cartoon. I think you can still get the second volume on eBay – worth reading just for the hilarious ultra violence (it rivals 2000AD for blood and death!)

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