It’s up there somewhere…

Posted: February 7, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

Good session , I got thrown around the mat by Nigel Sensei
and Tom ..amongst others … A public apology to Gary and Linda for
my mistimed finish to the nether regions !! Lots of throws linked
into jabjab cross entry and a little free play Randori at the end
See you all later in the week Smurf

  1. James Pipe says:

    Good session! Finally my O Goshi is coming together… been struggling with that one.

    Nice to see Gary back from his travels in one piece… Its been a bit lonely on the blog. Lets get some banter going!

    Where’s Ian, I thought you was coming back today? Hows the knee?

    Looking forward to some more groundwork on Thursday.

    See you all then.


  2. alansmurf says:

    All hail Gary ..uke extraordinaire….

    Gary “Tricks” that is !!!


  3. alansmurf says:

    He is the Mr Miagi of Staines !!!!

    Gary can you get him the DVD ?


  4. It’s not fair my knee is still a problem and going skiing soon so really worried I might die! Oh well.
    Glad you’re all having fun, hope to see ya soon. Keep it real.

  5. the ginger one... says:

    Gary don’t worry bud you weren’t the only one last night… James managed to miss both my legs night, twice. It top it all off he elbowed me in the chops too! Note to self – I HAVE TO STOP SHOWING HIM STUFF!!!

    • Haha how about this, I don’t know how it happened but when
      I chew I get a burning sensation in the area where my jaw meets my
      ear. Very odd! Someone must have cracked me good last

    • James Pipe says:

      But then you will insist on teaching me bad things… Keep them coming, it makes for better sport!

      You weren’t the only one to come away with bruises! I’ve still got bruises on my chest from Gary punching me prior to slamming me into the floor with a rather effective uki goshi or two…

  6. alansmurf says:

    Thats what a holiday does for you …lose fitness ….start mouth breathing and then a little tap and you are down …

    Rock on sat …..

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