What no news …

Posted: February 5, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

Did John Sensei train you so hard noone can type ?

Or is it a plot to keep me guessing ?

  1. James Pipe says:

    Its all a conspiracy!… No, no, work has been extracting itspound of flesh and I’ve not had time to do it justice. Here goes.

    It was a small, small class with only Sensei John, James snr, Mel and myself in attendance which made for some very good one on one coaching and attention from Sensei John.

    We started with some defenses from grabs, working on our wristlocks and armlocks and some varous controls to take uke to the floor (I was uke most of the time and asked a few questions, which of course had answers I lived to regret asking!).
    Following on from there, we tried an escape from a bearhug which turned out to be Obi Harai Goshi Makikomi, which certainly put a grin on our faces due to its effectiveness!

    We moved on to one of Sensei John’s favourites – Ground work. We looked at some different armlocks on the ground, a Juji Gatame post throw first, then some variations on what you can do from a kneeling position and then looked at different ways to get into a ‘reverse Juji Gatami’, Hiza Juji Gatami and then turning uke over back into Juji Gatami.

    We put what we learned into a few bouts of randori to see how we would get on and work on any problematic areas. Then we finished off with some rather effective choke holds, or as Sensei John affectionately called it ‘the crocodile’…

    It was a excellent session, and anther of Sensei John’s masterclasses. As usual, the time went incredibly quickly. If you haven’t come to train on a Thursday yet, you don’t know what you are missing!

    I quite enjoyed being uke… Gary and Ian, take note!


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