Monday 31st Jan

Posted: January 31, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

A big round of applause for John Sensei who has now completed a huge 50 years on the mats …..

A few throws by the senior grades under Jamie Sensei’s careful tutoring……

A few throws a few takedowns and a few atemi strikes for everyone else …intermixed with pushups and situps !!!

A very good class good commitment some excellent techniques and that was just by the Sensei’s !!!

See you all Thursday  


PS Mel I ache !!

  1. Milan says:

    P.S. You are not the only one. It will make us stronger. :-)))))

  2. James Pipe says:

    Yeah, thanks Milan… you should see the bruises on my leg ;0)

    Good session! Bring on Thursday!


  3. Sounds good I am having withdrawals from training and will be back on Monday. Very well done to sensei John 50 years of being humane must have been hard. See you all Monday….

  4. alansmurf says:

    WOOT IAn is coming back !!!

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