Posted: January 24, 2011 by alansmurf in jujitsu

Oh My we have been well and truly busted

Sensei has been reading the blog ….Gary you are in DEEP !!!!

Good session tonight covered a lot of basics with emphasis on finishing off techniques and good blocking.

Push ups crunches streching follwed by focus mitts and then uchikomi ….a nice gentle warm up I thought …then into techniques …

See you all Thursday


  1. James Pipe says:

    Oh dear… The other side of the world and still causing trouble!

    At least with the absence of Ian and Gary tonight, we got see the GENUINE Uke…!

    Great videos on YouTube too. Nice one Dan.


  2. James Pipe says:

    More pics on Flickr….


  3. alansmurf says:

    Good pics yet again ..thanks James

  4. James Pipe says:

    Thanks Alan, more to come as soon as I have time.

    Ian – How’s the knee?! Are you training tomorrow?


  5. Mikey says:

    Cant wait to start training again see you lot soon

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