10th Jan 2011

Posted: January 10, 2011 by alansmurf in Uncategorized

Huge congrats to Gary and Ian for achieving their Yon Kyu
grade (Green Belt)..they have both worked extremly hard over the
past year showing us on numerous occasions their technique, skills
and sheer bloody mindedness that makes them well worthy students of
their grade. Their competiveness to uke is an indication of
their willingness to give time and energy to the club and their
assistance with the newer members is very much appreciated. So a
New year a new belt and lots more training. Tonight was a good warm
up including atemi , hiza, empi and a few sit ups and push ups
….followed by breakfall practice and then into some good old
smash and bash followed by a throw or takedown …what a way to
welcome in the New year … Good session folks Thanks Alan

  1. Many thanks Sensei, it was a wonderful surprise and I felt very flattered. I’m going to have to put in some work to live up to the standard!

    Anyone else hurting today? I got a killer headache from some whiplash I sustained yesterday!

    • Oh and im glad to see that the record has been set straight on who is number one uke, Ian, happy to have you as my number two. Did anyone catch those o soto garumas Nigel was practicing on me? That’s why Im uke número uno!

  2. alansmurf says:

    A good uke is the one who walks off the mat after a good heavy throw … walks outside the dojo …throws up …and then comes back on the mat for more !!!


  3. Martin says:

    LOL I liked that one Sensei.. Congrats to Iain (or Ian) 🙂 and Gary..

  4. A studant is only as good as his teacher. Thanks to good
    guidence me and even Gary have achieved a lot. Just one other thing
    Nigel after breaking the veggi got to pracktice with a real uki.
    Thanks guys.

  5. James Pipe says:

    Fight nicely chaps…
    Congratulations to both of you for acheiving your green belts. I can certainly say that I have received some great instruction from both Ian and Gary and very much appreciate the effort you guys have put into showing us lesser grades some of the subtleties in technique that make such a difference when learning new moves. Keep it up, us lesser mortals will be snapping at your heels soon enough!

    I must admit the mat got the better of me on Monday and I’m suffering from a rather bruised toe after getting it stuck during a throw. Aside from that, it was nice to see everyone back for an excellent first session after the Christmas and New Year break. I think it may be time to get the camera out again soon and document some of these new colours…


  6. alansmurf says:

    You guys have cheered me up no end with your friendly banter..

    See you thursday for some new techniques


    • In addition to all this thanks were dishing out mustn’t forget Sensei Jamie, who has demonstrated the patience of a saint these last few months. Cheers!

      Actually not sure if I did dish out sufficient thanks for everyones patience and teachings, thanks all!

  7. alansmurf says:

    About time someone acknowledged Jamie….

    you know he lurks on here


  8. the ginger one... says:

    I’ll be back on Monday – if only to giggle behind my hand at the lads who pride themselves on being ‘uke’. While I admire your passion and good sense (uke will always learn the most as they should ‘feel’ the technique being taught) I must add something to Senseis comment about being a good uke… A good uke will ALWAYS make tori LOOK GOOD! This is even more important at gradings and demos/exhibitions. I have had the privilege of being uke for Sensei Nigel at a seminar he taught on throat techniques and demo’d too many times to count for Sensei Dale Moore. It should hurt by you shouldn’t show it TOO much and you should keep your mouth shut while bouncing back for more.

    Here speaks the ‘perpetual uke’ who’s Dan grade will come when Hell freezes over!!!

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