Thursday 6th January

Posted: January 7, 2011 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized


Yesterday was a tough one and was not quite the gentle introduction to another year of training that I was expecting. I think everyone else shared in my surprise!

Sensei John lead the class through some tough exercises, including uchi komi of various throws with an interesting twist – Someone hung on to the back of the person being thrown. This made it very exhausting for the person doing the throw, or trying to, and rather uncomfortable for the person being thrown! Good exercise though and good learning experience.

We tried a few ankle techniques but it seems the week off over Christmas had left some of us, me especially, a bit simple minded and we moved swiftly on to some hard randori. Hope all that blood washes out James!

Sensei John asked me to note how pleased he was with how hard we worked and he ended the class smiling, or rather laughing…at me, as I lay on the floor completely shattered.

Cheers all, was a good’un!

  1. alansmurf says:

    Welcome to 2011 !!!!

    See you Monday


  2. Martin says:

    A Serious couple of “Ouch”es happed yesterday.. I’m still in pain, the lessons learned were brilliant! I hope we will carry on in similar spirit through the 2011 and I hope to do the same next Thursday what we did yesterday. My left foot and left hand are out of game, however I can still fight with the right ones! 🙂

    C U all on Monday, wish you all the best in 2011.

  3. James Pipe says:

    Ah Gary, you beat me to updating the blog… good to have
    you back! I don’t know about the rest of you chaps, but man am I
    bruised and aching today! I didn’t realise when Sensei John said I
    was going to be made to work hard after reading too many papers
    (which I deny completely of course!) that he meant THAT hard… I
    think I can safely say that we were all seeing stars yesterday
    after those uchi komi exercises, so good effort by all! I can’t
    remember the last time I was that exhausted after training…
    needless to say my beloved had absolutely no sympathy when I
    returned home… self inflicted I think she called it. I don’t call
    two against one randori self inflicted! It was great fun though. I
    think we all managed a couple of good okuri ashi barais in amongst
    the brain dump moments, I know I caught Ian out with a good one…
    needless to say he got me back as I landed off the mat from one of
    his. It was good to see everyone back after the break… I know I
    have missed training, even if the two weeks off was a welcome time
    to heal. See you all Monday.

    • I want to know who told John that you was the source of that cutting! Whoever it was should have known that we’d all pay the price for their misdoings!

      Yes James you need to be quick off the mark to out-post me and my iPhone! Not that your contributions weren’t appreciated of course, you did a fine job in my absence, but I is back! Although in two weeks I’m off on holiday so the captains seat will be all yours again. Do us proud!

      I’m still aching this morning, James Snr got a lovely arm lock on me which I should have tapped out to sooner and I’m really feeling it!

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