25th November

Posted: November 26, 2010 by James Pipe in Uncategorized

Another small Thursday class with 5 students and 2 Sensei’s made for some excellent one on one coaching tonight… Its a shame some of us who need to be up early had to miss it (mentioning no names of course!). Sensei Alan was in attendance, even though he has to start at 04:30 tomorrow… now that’s dedication for you!

So tonight we has another of Sensei John’s master classes. Upon request, we went through Uki Goshi – which forms the foundations of all the hip throws, before moving on to Harai Goshi to add a bit of variety. We focused on the basics, breaking down each part of the throw and slowly put it all together. Once we had all managed to grasp these two throws, we moved on to some follow up ground work including ways of controlling the uke after a throw and some defences from ground attacks.

Everyone worked very hard, and Sensei John was smiling again throughout… we all enjoyed ourselves and the two hours flew by which speaks volumes in itself. Don’t be put off by the cold weather, it makes the warm ups that much more enjoyable!

The war against bad throwing technique continues… Does anyone have any suggestions for what they would like to cover in the next master class?

See you all Monday.

  1. Ian says:

    Yes i agree another good sesion. May i suggest a little nap this afternoon to help revitalise the soul…

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