Thursdays training

Posted: November 13, 2010 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Although I wasn’t able to attend last Thursday due to a bit of a vicious head cold, I have received this update from sensei John- “Thursday was a bit of a masterclass with only 4 people in attendance, myself included. We covered a few grips and some groundwork, which will prove useful in the next judo session. There were some good questions asked which kept me on my toes!” The weather was pretty crappy last week and I suspect I wasn’t the only one nursing a cold, hence the low turnout. Those who do attend during what is usually a quieter time of the year will certainly benefit from the smaller classes, so make the effort! Unless of course you’re as I’ll as me, in which case you have my most sincere sympathies!

  1. alansmurf says:

    Did you wimp out again …or did you train tonight ???

    • I was out again with man flu. And I’ll hear no jokes about man flu, it’s a deadly serious condition which claims many days of work and training sessions across the country! Being serious though was really Ill yesterday. Anyone who was there have an update?

  2. Martin says:

    yes, lots of newcomers, Sensei John proved lot of Judo skills. I damaged my bicep, however attending on Thursday.

  3. jamesepipe says:

    Monday was a good but hard session – a bit of a Judo masterclass on ashi-waza (foot/ankle techniques) and a bit of ne-waza (groundwork) thrown in for good measure. There was only 10 of us plus Sensei John… including Lewis and Ben – our latest noobs. So a fairly small class for a Monday. However, Mel returned to the mats after several weeks away which was great to see…. Welcome back Mel!

    Dan the Ginger Ninja led us in warm ups as the room was very cold… Rather than stick an extra 50p in the meter, it was decided to take turns to use each other as tools to assist in a bit of timed weight training – 45 seconds each and a 15 second rest before swapping over.

    We started off by being assigned partners by height, and then having picked them up across our shoulders we did squats, followed by having your partner crouch on all fours and using them as a platform for your legs whilst performing press ups, followed by lying on the floor and bringing your legs up vertically for your partner to push them back down again… followed by doing press ups against your partner and more leg lifts. Exhausted as we were, we then dragged our broken bodies across the dojo floor and back using only our arms, before pushing ourselves up and down the dojo whilst maintaining defensive positions on the floor. By this time, we were quite warm, so time to move on to some real practice…

    We spent a few minutes leaning against the wall and practising the foot reaping movement, before working with partners and trying out these movements for real, which was much harder than Sensei John made it look!

    Once our ankles could take no more, we spent some considerable time practising wrist and arm locks and take downs, from a lapel grab before moving back to integrating the foot techniques and throws into the defence from a punch and lapel grab.

    To finish us off, we did some ground work and Sensei John demonstrated that all standing arm locks can be very effectively performed on the ground as well… Some rather nasty choke holds were briefly demonstrated at the end and promised for next time. I must admit I’m quite sore today… but looking forward to Thursday! See you all then.

  4. alansmurf says:

    ARgh …I need to train !!!

    Work is a bugger for messing up my training schedule


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