Nov begins

Posted: November 2, 2010 by alansmurf in Uncategorized

Harai Goshi, O Soto Gari and O Goshi …..

I hope you all know them by now !!!

Good technique last night and less ham sandwiches displayed towards the end of the session.


  1. Yeah of course we know them, it’s not like any of us would be so simple as to confuse the names of two throws such as harai and hanai goshi…If one of us were to I’m sure it would be entirely forgivable!

    Monday was a good’un, I am making a concerted effort to reduce the ham sandwich techniques, partly because of the ham bit but also because it doesn’t make for a good technique. If I can get it down to just the occasional appetiser between steps by Christmas I’ll be happy!

    Talking of Christmas between now and christmas my attendance will be sporadic to say the least because of my ‘grand tour’. Whilst visiting such picturesque parts of the country I’m going to try and visit some local clubs and bring back some Leeds-style Jujitsu to the club when I return. You’ve all been warned!

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