7th Oct

Posted: October 8, 2010 by alansmurf in jujitsu

7 dwarves were present in the dojo last night …

After a short warm up/ strike circuit and a few kicks and knees ..Gary and Ian worked on their Yon kyu syllabus. the junior grades were playing with knife defence techniques with jamie Sensei. A good tiring session for everyone .

As an aside gary’s Gi attacked me leaving some good marks all across my face !!!!


  1. Jerry says:

    pain and suffering on monday then??
    Gary will need a new gi after that session i think….. 😦
    new judo suit from Tornado sport in Cranford is £22, link below


    Tel No : – 0208 – 897 – 2525
    mobile 07956 397666
    wheres the pics???? how long does it take to sort out 1500 pics anyway…lol

  2. Martin says:

    I agree, good session, however I have a lots of marks on my body after it 🙂 looking forward to the next one…

  3. My gi has had it’s revenge, now you shall bear the mark of justice across your forehead so everytime you look in the mirror (for the next 24hrs or so) you will remember what you did to my gi!!

    Yesterday was definitely a good’un, had lots of fun and really enjoyed the syllabus stuff. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself at the start, having been in agonising pain for the last week with my excruciating mouth ulcer but quickly forgot all about it. Cheers all!

    More Hapkido videos on the way!

  4. Jerry says:

    here is a treatment for mouth ulcers. You should try this Gary, but only on monday at the dojo

  5. OK I can hand on heart make the following statements

    1) That is not a pretty bad mouth ulcer, I’ve had ulcers the size of a one pence coin. The one I’m nursing now, although into remission, was at least three times the size of that one!
    2) I have done this before with salt!! Apparently it’s a homeopathic remedy and works by fighting infection and neutralisng the PH levels around the ulcer but my experience was it hurt like f*ck!!

    See, I’m a lot harder than people think…

  6. jamesepipe says:

    You do that to your mouth ulcers with salt? Gary, you are a harder man than we all thought! You’ll be shaving without shaving foam next…

    More Hapkido on the way? I thought you decided you wanted to be a ninja again??

  7. Jerry says:

    here is a short clip of Gary doing ninja training last monday????

  8. alansmurf says:

    You are all mad !!!!!


  9. OK Jerry you got me there, I was doing Ninja training last monday but that isn’t me in the video. In fact, there is and never will be any videos of me doing my Ninja training because I am a master of disguise. I can sense a camera lense being trained on me from a mile away and can vanish in an instance simply by crossing my hands over and making a secret sign with my fingers. Plus I only ever train in the dark on the edge of mountain cliff tops because that way if by chance I am ever caught, I can throw the spies over the edge and their secrets will die with them. That is the way of the Ninja. The stuff that I practice when I don my Ninja outfit is so secretive that I am risking death at the hands of the rest of my Ninja clan by even acknowledging that I practice the deadly arts so I’ll have to end this conversation here – ask me no more or I’ll have to come and Ninja you in the dark, probably in the car park outside Spelthorne.

  10. OK OK I can tell you only a little bit more about Ninja stuff, but if I actually speak the words I’ll get a Ninja star in the head so I’ll have to do it by means of youtube links…

  11. Jerry says:

    please dont wear the head band on monday

    • Too late, I’ve already packed it alongside my brand spanking new gi! I was in Walton yesterday so got one from Surrey Sports, although it cost me £10 more than it did last time so feeling a little mugged. Back to Ocarina practice…

      • Martin says:

        Everyone!! I just bought today GI from that tornadoboxing.com guy… he has stock in hounslow, so went there.. 18 quid is a good price!!! he wanted first 25, I was prepared to pay for it, however saw, that he wasn’t really sure about £25 so I pushed down the price a bit :-))) we’ll see, how long it lasts, even if it looks to be good.. feel free to test it / throw me :-)))

  12. alansmurf says:

    OK enough already ..

    Here are pics of Gary in action


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