Response to ‘Well???’

Posted: October 3, 2010 by stainesjujitsu in Uncategorized

Hahaha @ Grumpy, that’s your new name on here from now on! I wonder if I can actually change your username to it…

Anyhoo, Thursday was a good one, bit low on attendance though with only about 7 of us including Senseis John and Jamie. We covered some more sneaky ankle techniques and went a step further by moving on from a failed ankle technique into another throw. I think Sensei John was trying to get us thinking a bit more beyond performing a designated technique and demonstrating some initiative. We also played with Sensei John’s new rubber knives and learnt some new defences, including an interesting one from having a knife held against your throat from behind. Sensei Jamie came up with a real nice combination from having a knife lunged at him which would be fun to practice (and have practiced on!).

Sorry for the late and brief update, bit busy at the moment. Going to sort some access out for people now, remember to email me at if you would like to add some pearls of wisdom to these pages.

Quick notice – Some people have been writing replies without actually signing up to wordpress, this means I have to approve each and every comment. I’ve sent these perpetrators an invite to sign up so they can write stuff without needing my approval, as a reminder, if you want to write stuff on here just email and I’ll send you an invite and once you sign up you’ll automatically have contributor access.


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