Archived News: December 2009 News

Posted: July 1, 2010 by stainesjujitsu in grading, jujitsu
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Shodan grading

Congratulations to Dmitry and Jamie who achieved their Shodan (Black Belts) today the 13th Dec 2009. They were two of the better candidates on the mat ( unbiased opinion of course!!!) and thoroughly deserve their rank. The panel consisted of Shihan Griffiths 8th Dan, Sensei Townsend 6th Dan, Sensei Plumbridge 5th Dan, Sensei Murphy 5th Dan and Sensei Harte 5th Dan.

Also congrats to Fraser and Gary who unwittingly showed up on the day and were awarded GoKyu (Orange belt) by Shihan Griffiths who was impressed with their techniques and skills on the mat.

The club will be closing on the 21st Dc until the 4th Jan to allow for the Christmas season.

A happy Christmas and brilliant New Year to you all.


Alan Murphy 5th Dan


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